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Nail Enhancements
Designer Nails offers your choice of standard acrylic, gel, and solar nail sets and fills. We carefully sculpt your nails to a natural finish followed by a polish application with your choice of color. We recommend a fill for your nails every 10 to 14 days depending on how fast your nails grow out.
Acrylic Nails
Nails are lengthened with tips, and a thin layer of acrylic is applied.
fill 18
Solar Nails
For a more natural looking set of nails, we offer pink & white nail sets. They are perfect for the summer as they resist yellowing in the sun.
fill 30
Gel Nails
If you want a more durable nail then we suggest gel nails. Gel nails are much stronger than standard acrylic nails.
fill 35
Waxing is a temporary hair removal service. We use the finest waxes to temporarily remove your hair so that you are hair-free for weeks. Remember that not all hair grows at once and hairs on different parts of your body grow at different rates. So make sure that you schedule your appointments in a timely manner to maintain your hair-free body.
Eyebrow 12
Upper Lip 7
Full Chin 15
Face 35
Under Arm 22
Full Arm 30
Forearm 20
Full Leg 80
Half Leg 45
Back 40
Bikini 45
Brazilian 65
Other Services
Other services we offer include...
Regular Polish (hand) 8
Regular Polish (feet) 12
Shellac Polish (hand) 15
Shellac Polish (feet) 22
French/American 5
Repair 5
Take-Off 10
Design 3
Signature Nail Systems is a natural choice. Signature Nails are lightweight and flexible, and designed to feel like real nails, yet they are also more durable than acrylic. Unlike acrylic and gels, Signature Nails don’t bond to the cuticle, and are more healthy for the natural nail bed. Their glossy forever shine finish resists chipping and does´t require polish. The SNS process represents a complete new technology in nail enhancement.
Full Set with pink/white 45
fill 38
Full Set with full color 40
fill 35
Our manicure consists of soaking your hands, trimming the cuticles, shaping the nails, and polish application followed by a light massage of your hands and forearms.
Regular Manicure
Try our most basic manicure package.
Deluxe Manicure
Bask in our deluxe manicure with an exfoliation treatment, hydrating massage, and hot towel wrap.
Shellac Manicure -
Try our new shellac manicure, a long lasting finish on your natural nails.
Paraffin Manicure
Enjoy our ultimate manicure package with a paraffin wax treatment to make your hands feel young again, and a special oil treatment to bring your dry and cracked cuticles back to their natural beauty.
SNS Manicure
Our Signature Nail Systems (SNS) manicure is the most natural looking and feeling manicure. Upgrade to pink/white for only $5 more.
Relax in one of our spa pedicure chairs while we take care of your feet and toenails. Your pedicure starts with a soothing whirlpool soak. Then we shape your nails and treat your cuticles. Next we remove your calluses and exfoliate your feet with a sea salt scrub. This is followed by a light massage of your feet and lower legs, and a hot towel wrap. Then your choice of polish is applied.
Regular Pedicure
Try our most basic pedicure package.
Hot Stone Pedicure
Upgrade to our hot stone pedicure package to get a relaxing hot stone massage.
Deluxe Pedicure
Bask in our deluxe pedicure with an additional sugar scrub, mud mask, and massage with a hot oil lotion.
Paraffin Pedicure
Enjoy our ultimate pedicure package with a paraffin wax treatment to make your feet feel young again, and a special oil treatment to bring your dry and cracked cuticles back to their natural beauty.
Upgrade to standard shellac polish (+ $12) or
French shellac polish (+ $17)
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